The World is a Stressful Place. Find Serenity.

A demanding job, constant disparaging news headlines, irritating push notifications and the non-stop piling up of social media content takes its toll on your brain. Although some stress is necessary, too much stress is proven to have negative effects on all of us, both mentally and physically.

A recent study found that the average American spends about 30% of their leisure time browsing the Internet. The majority (61%) of Americans even admit to being addicted to their devices. The work place yields even worse statistics. Employees on average visit 40 websites a day and change tasks every other minute. We spend upwards of 2 hours a day trying to recover from distractions. This new way of living has contributed to an alarming rate of increased stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation in our society.

Stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation have serious impacts on our health and well-being. Not only do they cause a decrease in productivity, but they contribute to long-term health problems such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Today, it’s more common to know people who have sleeping issues then those who do not. 


SERENITY was founded to be a therapeutic tool, an alternative to prescription medications as a sole source of relief from so many afflictions. It’s also our mission to create only sustainable, organic, all natural plant-based products as an alternative to synthetic, chemical based commodities that fill our homes and landfills today, afflicting both our bodies and the Earth.

Why Did We Create This Product?

My name is Adam Candiotti. I am one of the founders behind Serenity Sleep Systems. Truth be told, the weighted blanket concept has been in my family for years. I have a younger sister, Jill, who was born with special needs - at least that’s what they called it in the late seventies. A psychologist recommended that my mom try to add some weight to a normal blanket, suggesting that this might help my sister find comfort during times her body desperately needed to relax and she wasn’t able to do this on her own. They told my mom that the weight simulates a mother’s hug, which is known to calm children down during intense anxiety, tantrums and the like. So my mother took this concept to a local seamstress and together they added some beanbag weights to a store bought blanket. And so the weighted blanket was created. This weighted blanket went everywhere with my sister, it became part of the family.

In the last years I’ve seen this type of product being sold as a stress reliever and sleep aid. I knew this was a great idea, but I thought to myself “how can we make it even better?” With twenty years combined experience in textile manufacturing, I enlisted two of my friends to make this concept a reality, and Serenity Sleep Systems was born.

Serenity is a weighted anxiety relief system made from all natural plant-based and organic materials. After seeing what was on the market, we figured this weighted non-prescription remedy naturally needed to be “all-natural” itself.

Serenity was the brainchild of a bunch of perfectionists. We went through hundreds of organic combed cotton samples to ensure we used the softest finest materials. We developed plant-based beads as an alternative to the smelly chemical-based plastic beads we found in other blankets. Truthfully our mission is to ensure this level of quality goes into everything we do for Serenity. It was an easy for me to visualize. I just figured that everyone interested in this type of product would want the same things that I want – only the very best.

I hope you enjoy it!